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Encinitas is a well-known tourist destination in Southern California. The bustling streets are always filled with tourists, residents, and business owners. This makes it a hot spot for people to live in and set up businesses. Why? The people that visit Encinitas are diverse. Also, residents who are currently living in Encinitas favor the atmosphere and suburban feel of the town. The well-maintained parks, excellent public school ratings, and family-friendly neighbors are mostly why people started living or renting in Encinitas. Though most of the residents in Encinitas own their homes, people always think twice whether or not they could afford a home loan in Encinitas. Due to the location of Encinitas, near the coastline of Southern California, the price of housing is expensive. That is why most homeowners and residents who are borrowing consult trusted mortgage companies for favorable refinance options so that they can refinance a home loan.

Home Loan Options: Is It Enough?

Home loans may be a way to pay off your mortgage in a 15- or 30-year term, but the interest rate may not be favorable for you. An adjustable-rate home loan can lower the initial payment of your home loan, but the rate gradually increases due to the economy. But there is a viable way to consolidate. Refinancing is able to help you by reconstituting your home loan. The process of refinancing your current mortgage can help you change from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate home loan with a lower interest rate and a shorter term. By consulting with a distinguished mortgage company, you ensure yourself the benefits of refinancing. There are several mortgage companies near Encinitas who offer extensive knowledge on refinancing; Severino Financial is one of them.

What Can Severino Financial Offer?

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that provides different loan and refinancing options. Our president, Michael Severino, guarantees his clients experience excellent customer service and are given options that suit their needs. Here is how we pride ourselves in our line of business.

• We offer competitive interest rates and shorter loan terms to ensure our clients' favorable solutions.

• Our experts have extensive knowledge in the lending business are able to help our clients.

• We provide quality service to make it simple and easy for the clients to understand.

• We are quick in processing your loan.


Always remember that you can always consult with professionals to refinance your mortgage. Severino Financial is here for you to get the most positive solutions for your loan in the market. Call us and make the change at (760) 598-9366 or visit our office in Vista, California.