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Being one of the best-rated places to live in California, Encinitas truly lives up to its title. It ranks in 3rd place in the Best Suburbs to Live in the San Diego Area. It is a city that is home to 65,000 residents. The integrity on which Encinitas stands is by its location. Being situated at the rich coastline of Southern California, residents are really in for a treat. People who get to visit Encinitas get an amazing view of the beach and enjoy the restaurants and a lively welcome from its residents. However, when you are trying to afford a home in Encinitas, you should be wary of how costly they are. Due to the location of Encinitas, residential and commercial properties are highly priced. Though, you can still get a loan for one. Mortgage companies near Encinitas can offer you possible options.

Get a Loan From a Trusted Mortgage Company Near Encinitas

Mortgage companies can offer you a variety of home loans. These loans differ in interest rates and duration. You, as a future homeowner of one of the houses in Encinitas, should very well consider all solutions on your would-be loan. Considering options like low-interest loans and consulting with a trusted mortgage company can aid you in choosing what options to take. We all know that different mortgage companies consider loans in different settings. Choose the best one for you or, better yet, let them choose the most favorable solutions for you. Severino Financial does that for you.

What Options Do We Offer Our Would-be Clients?

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that provides its client with the solutions they need in loans. Here are the home loan options we provide our clients.

• We offer fixed-rate home loans, for fixed payments, and adjustable-rate home loans, for low down payments that increase gradually throughout the term. Both options are payable with 15-30 year terms.

• We offer interest-only home loans that allow you to borrow and pay the loan’s interest only, due to the duration of this loan; your monthly mortgage payment gradually increases after the duration of your term.

• VA and FHA loans are also offered by Severino Financial. They offer veterans and first-time buyers loans with no down payment.

We, at Severino Financial, guarantee you low-interest rated for all our home loan options and quality service. You can contact us at (760) 598-9366, or you can visit our office at 2605 Companero Ave., Vista, California.