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Carlsbad is a small and diverse town in San Diego County, California. Also, it is nestled next to the coastline of Southern California. The exquisite beaches are something to adore. Residents tend to be more outgoing in Carlsbad; the expansive beach is home to different restaurants, stores, and residential areas. Also, Carlsbad has a wide variety of tourist spots such as Legoland and the flower fields. Most residents own their houses in Carlsbad. The median home value in Carlsbad is around $700,000, which makes owning a house in the city difficult. Though most of the residents still pursue owning a house in Carlsbad, they seek advice from a trusted mortgage company near the area. One such company that provides the residents favorable options on owning a house is Severino Financial.

Refinancing at Its Finest at Severino Financial

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that is located in Vista, California. Michael “Mike” Severino, the president and founder of Severino Financial, started in 1988. He and his company ensure to provide quality service to the clients they have. He guarantees fast service and low interest rates on all of his loan options, including refinancing. He offers cash-out refinancing so you can borrow than the amount they owe on your current mortgage. This creates an opportunity to borrow extra money that you can use in different ways, such as paying off outstanding loans and debts. Also, Severino Financial offers bad-credit refinancing, which involves home equity. This can help change the term of your mortgage, reduce the interest rate, or consolidate debts.  At Severino Financial, we are here to help.

What Help Can Our Mortgage Company Offer?

We are committed to our clients. We offer them the best quality and service. We also see to it that you, as our client, get the best solutions for your loan. Here is why we call ourselves one of the most trusted mortgage companies near Carlsbad.

•    We make an assertive review of your finances and provide you with the appropriate loan options.

•    We provide quality service to make it simple and easy for you to understand.

•    We assure you reliability and trust from our mortgage company to ensure no miscommunications happen between us.

•    Our experts have extensive knowledge in the loan business and can help you.

If you want a more informative consultation from our company, you may call us at (760) 598-9366 or visit our office at 2605 Companero Ave., Vista, California. Get what you deserve at Severino Financial.