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Hearing the words “mortgage company” is pretty common in the world of real estate, but what does a mortgage company do? Investopedia defines it as a “firm engaged in the business of originating and/or funding mortgages for residential or commercial property.” To put it simply, a mortgage company is more or less a place where most loans originate, as it basically “markets itself to potential borrowers.”

Often, mortgage brokers and mortgage companies are confused with each other. Mortgage companies are those who provide the loans for homeowners, while the mortgage brokers are those who are subsequently looking for mortgage companies to provide the loan. Mortgage brokers are those who mediate between mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders. The mortgage broker documents all paperwork from the borrower and passes it to the mortgage lender for approval.

Such a niche requires a lot of trust and responsibility, and that is what Certified Mortgage Broker Mike Severino aims to address through his mortgage company, Severino Financial.

A Mortgage Company Serving North County San Diego

Mortgage companies offer a wide range of loan programs. From fixed rates to interest-only options, there are a lot to choose from. At Severino Financial, we do the work for you. We offer competitive interest rates on various loan products that are simple and easy to process. Simply speaking, we find the best option for the borrowers and provide them the best rates at the lowest costs.

Why Choose Severino Financial?

Severino Financial is a dedicated mortgage company that offers top-quality options to borrowers. Refinancing and home loan purchases are just some of the options we offer with low interest rates. We also abide by the following criteria to be a reliable mortgage company in California.

  • Quality Service

We offer our clients quality service that will save them time and money. The service we provide is guaranteed to make the loan process fast and easy.

  • Competitive Rates

We offer low interest rates on fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and interest-only mortgages.

  • Extensive Knowledge

With more than 20 years of experience as a mortgage company, we make it well worth the effort to contact us at Severino Financial. Our experience will help you get the best rates and solutions in the loan market.

  • Worthy Advice

At Severino Financial, we review your questions about your loans and explain to you what favorable solutions you might need to consider.

Severino Financial, a real estate mortgage company, provides innovative solutions for our clients to provide them with the best experience. The quality service and advice we give to our clients is exceptional. Clients are guaranteed quick and easy processing of their loan. Consider your solutions with the experts — contact Severino Financial today! Please call (760) 598-9366.

Mortgage company areas we serve:

Encinitas, California

San Marcos, California

Vista, California

Carlsbad, California

Oceanside, California