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People nowadays are finding it challenging to provide sufficient funds to attain their wants. Homeowners, renters, and businesses firms often rely on trusted mortgage brokers to support their ventures. With that being said, it has become a standard for individuals to refinance a house through a mortgage company and consult a mortgage broker in Carlsbad. Why?

Since mortgage companies offer different loan terms on various loan options, business owners and homeowners find it reasonably viable to borrow funds in a mortgage company. Thus, the presence of the best real estate mortgage broker in Carlsbad is indeed a must.

Why Rely On a Trusted Mortgage Company in Carlsbad?

For starters, it is a well-known fact that Carlsbad is growing when it comes to commercial and residential property. It is also a perfect place to live if you are searching for a place to stay that has exceptional amenities. Moreover, Carlsbad is located in the middle of three major cities in San Diego, namely Vista, Oceanside, and Encinitas. This setup means that the city is a prime location for a business owner to invest in commercial property. However, Carlsbad’s commercial and residential properties are expensive. Statistics demonstrate that housing in Carlsbad is 65% higher than in other places in California and is 265% higher than the US average.

Different mortgage companies offer loans in Carlsbad. However, Mike Severino, proud owner and president of Severino Financial, offers competitive interest rates, low prices, and fast, top-notch quality service. Home loans and refinances take time and cost money. Our mortgage loan firm offers simple ways to refinance or get home loans with minimal stress and expense. Here are the competitive loan options that Mike Severino and his firm offer.

1.    Fixed-Rate Loan

One of the most straightforward loans offered by Severino Financial, with this type of loan the payment rate is fixed throughout the loan. This loan is offered in 15- and 30-year terms.

2.    Adjustable-Rate Loan

It is much shorter than fixed-rate mortgage loan at three-, five-, and seven-year terms. What makes this type of mortgage loan different from the fixed-rate is that the adjustable loan offers lower initial payment rate and gradually increases on a yearly basis. Moreover, market conditions become the basis of any adjustments to be made, making it difficult for the gradual increase to be predicted.

3.    Interest-Only Loan

This loan is similar to the adjustable-rate mortgage loan in terms of monthly mortgage increase. However, the interest-only mortgage loan allows the payments to only cover the loan’s interest. This, in turn, makes the borrower’s payment significantly lower than the adjustable-rate loan.

4.    Refinancing

When you consider refinancing your home, consult the experts at Severino Financial. The mortgage company offers two refinancing options. One is cash-out refinancing, and the other is the bad credit refinancing. The first option, cash-out, provides a lower interest rate than others. Also, with cash-out refinancing, you receive more than the amount owed on your current loan. These excess funds that you can receive can be allocated as other payments to pay off other outstanding loans and balances. In addition to all these, the interest in this refinancing may be tax deductible.

The second type of refinancing is bad credit refinancing option. This is a good option if you have home equity since it helps you consolidate debt or reduce your monthly interest.

Trusted Real Estate Mortgage Broker in Carlsbad

Mike Severino is a top-of-the-line mortgage broker with almost 30 years of experience in the industry. With this in hand, Severino Financial is endowed to provide fast, quality service and competitive interest rates on a variety of loan products. Severino Financial offers a myriad of possible options for your mortgage. This includes first mortgages, hard money loans, and more. As a mortgage firm, we ensure that our clients are provided with quality and timely service all throughout their term.

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that is worthy of being trusted. With the lowest rates and fees on all loan products on the market, you will be able to purchase the property you are searching for. We know that your mortgage involves many steps and expenses, but we are capable of assisting you with that. Get the best rates and opportunities in the loan market. Contact us now at 760-598-9366 for more details.