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Vista’s vast range of residential and commercial properties is a never-ending development. Vista, being one of the three biggest cities in Southern California, gives businesses and residents a good place to set up a business or live. Though many consider living in Vista, the financial commitment it brings is quite immense. That’s why future home and business buyers consult a trusted mortgage company. This helps them to consider a variety of options that are offered by mortgage companies. Home loans can vary, from standard terms which go as long as 30 years to short terms with 5- to 7-year durations.

Trustworthy Home Loans You May Consider

Deciding what loan option to pick for your mortgage can be difficult. You must know all the possible options that may come with your loan. Trusted mortgage companies give you the complete details of the loan options you might consider. One of the trusted mortgage companies in Vista, California is Severino Financial. Home loan options from Severino Financial vary in terms, compatibility, and interest rates. With our extensive knowledge of how to carry out the options we offer, we guarantee quality service for our clients.

What Loan Options Does Severino Financial Offer?

Severino Financial is a mortgage firm that is run by Michael Severino, the president and founder of Severino Financial. Michael Severino makes sure that the services his company offers are of top quality in service and client satisfaction. Here are the loan options Severino Financial offers.

• Fixed-rate is a home loan option that is payable in 15- and 30-year terms, also the payments stay “fixed” throughout the term.

• Adjustable-rate home loans are shorter terms compared to fixed-rate loans. The payment on this type of loan starts low and gradually increases throughout the term.

• VA loans are issued through a program established by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and is offered for clients who are in service, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses.

• FHA loans, also called as Federal Housing Administration loans, are offered for clients who are new home buyers and require minimum credit scores.

• Interest only home loans allow clients to borrow and pay the loan’s interest, due to the time this loan is held, the mortgage rate gradually increases after the term expires.

We guarantee quality and fast service along with competitive interest rates on our various loan options. Severino Financial can aid you with selecting the most favorable solution for your loan in Vista, California. Collaborate with the experts in home loans. Severino Financial guarantees you the best. Call us at (760) 598-9366.