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San Marcos is a small, well-developed city in San Diego County. It is well-known for the well-maintained parks, family-friendly neighborhoods, and a variety of restaurants. The diversity in San Marcos provides homeowners and townsfolk with a wholesome suburban feel. The city of San Marcos is situated between two major cities, Escondido and Vista, making it a good place to live. Residents of the city also tend to own their houses in San Marcos. If you think of San Marcos as a great place to live, you might just reconsider. Commercial and residential properties do not come cheap. Since San Marcos is between two cities, it has been a prime location to set up a family or business. Being a 40-minute drive to San Diego and a quick 20-minute drive to the beach, San Marcos offers a whole lot of things you can do as a family or as a business. If you are considering purchasing a house, or have one but are considering refinancing, why not consult a trustworthy mortgage company that offers low-rate refinancing options near the city of San Marcos?

The Mortgage Company That Offers Low Rate Refinancing Near San Marcos

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that is situated in the city of Vista. The founder and our president, Michael “Mike” Severino, guarantees low interest rates on all loan options his mortgage company offers, including refinancings loans. He provides solutions to would-be homeowners and previous homeowners who want to refinance their home. You will find it well worth the effort to contact Severino Financial because they offer more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry.

How Does Refinancing Help You With Your Current Loan?

Refinancing is a viable way to help you save money in the long run. Here are some facts that show how homeowners can save money:

  • Refinancing can be on cash-out options. This option saves you money since the amount you owed is more than the amount on your current mortgage.

  • Bad-credit refinancing can offer homeowners reduced interest rates, consolidate your debts, or change the term of your loan.

  • Through refinancing you can reduce the term.

  • Lower interest rates in refinancing saves you money which you can use to pay off other debts and expenditures


If you want to pay off your home loan as soon as possible, you can refinance your current mortgage. At Severino Financial, we provide you with low interest rates on refinancing. For more details about our refinancing options, you can contact us at (760) 598-9366 or visit our office located at 2605 Companero Ave., Vista, California.