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San Marcos is well-known for its outstanding parks, restaurants, and family-friendly community that is rich in diversity. The well-kept and well-lit area of San Marcos provides its residents with a complete suburban feel. The various restaurants and grocery stores are not far since they are located throughout the city. Commercial and residential properties in San Marcos do not come in cheap though. In fact, the high price of the properties in the city is due to its location near the beach. This, in turn, makes San Marcos a prime location for business and family living. With a 40 minute drive to San Diego and a quick 20-minute drive to the beach, San Marcos is a suburban city that provides a family-friendly environment. Most of the residents own their homes in San Marcos. And, if you are planning to purchase your own house, why not consult a reliable mortgage company that offers home loans near San Marcos.

A Reliable Mortgage Company Near San Marcos

Planning on getting a house in the real estate market of San Marcos? High prices, interest rates, and services offered by mortgage companies can vary. Though one thing is for sure, they will help you get the options you need for the loan. Mortgage companies can offer you new possibilities to attain reputable home loan options. As a future homeowner, there are things that you must consider: the rate environment, the loan duration, and more. Mortgage companies help you decide the best solutions in the bustling loan marketplace. If you are thinking about a reliable mortgage company near San Marcos, Severino Financial is a worthy candidate. Why? Let us explain.

A Dependable Home Loan Company

Severino Financial is a mortgage company that offers top-quality customer service and competitive interest rates. Michael “Mike” Severino, the founder and president of Severino Financial, is a mortgage broker that ensures his clients the best solutions and programs in home loans. We dedicate time and effort so our clients will be satisfied with the loan they get. We take pride in the options we offer.

• We offer fixed-rate home loans, for fixed payments, and adjustable-rate home loans, for low down payments that increase gradually throughout the term.

• We offer interest-only home loans that allow you to pay the loan’s interest only. Though your mortgage payments gradually increase, your initial payments are significantly decreased.

• FHA and VA home loans are also offered by our mortgage company. They offer veterans, serving military personnel, and first-time buyers no down payment for their loans.

For more information, you can contact us at (760) 598-9366 or visit our office at 2605 Companero Ave., Vista, California. At Severino Financial, we guarantee that we will find you the right home loan.